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The Similarities and Differences of Mesh Coils vs. Regular Vape Coils

A coil is one such underestimated accessory in a vape kit. Without the coil, you won’t be able to turn your e-juice – in liquid form – into its useful form (vapor form). E-juice is heated up by vape coils to create vapor. The surface area of a coil is vital; the larger the surface area, the more the amount of e-juice is vaporized at a particular time, and vice versa.

The more e-juice is vaporized the more the amount of vapor is generated. Most recently, we’ve witnessed a rivalry amongst vape makers to optimize the surface area of their coils. It began with the dual coils incorporating a pair of wires and the technology still exists today where several wire strands are incorporated in several coil holes. Arguably, the race is far from the finish line, and one of the most modern revolutions in coil technology is the introduction of mesh coil technology.

While the majority of vapers understand the various resistance ratings of coils, not all of them minds about what type their coil is. What’s meant by the type of coil is how the coil is structured in terms of the configuration of the metal material which often comes in two varieties: mesh and regular/standard coils.

In recent days, mesh coils are more of a trend and vapers have begun to love them. For sub-ohm vaping, the overall vaping experience is influenced by several factors and coils aren’t exceptional.

Coils act like gatekeepers; they dictate the compatibility of vape juices with certain vapes, the tightness of drawing, as well as the size of the vapor cloud produced. The design of traditional (regular) coils is simple. They are typically round wire coils shaped in a spring pattern. Their straightforward design makes them easy to make and more importantly cheap.

But the modern coil technology introduces mesh coils to solve the various design limitations associated with round wire coils. In this article, we will make comparisons between mesh and regular coil in terms of their differences and similarities.

The Similarities and Differences of Mesh Coils vs. Regular Vape Coils


Mesh and regular coils are characterized by the same working principle, only that they have slightly varied effects. Although mesh coils have become increasingly common across the vaping industry, they are most commonly used in sub-ohm tanks (coils with built-in resistance of less than 1 ohm) whereas regular coils are used for mouth to lung vaping (MTL).

Both mesh and regular coils heat up when the firing button is pressed. While heating up, they vaporize the vape juice to vapor which is inhaled through the mouth.


Mesh coils come with a larger surface area compared with regular coils – heat up at a faster rate to produce more flavor and vapor. Also, mesh coils are characterized by a more evenly/uniformly distributed heat as the current is spread on the entire metal sheet. This implies that there are lower chances of experiencing dry/burnt hits with mesh coils than in regular coils.

Since mesh coils do not get extremely hot like their spiral counterparts, they are characterized by a cooler vaping experience. The mesh coils types are better at generating flavorful vapor and huge vapor clouds compared to regular coils.

Regular coils are usually used with small pod mod vape systems. These kinds of coils are best suited with tiny systems as they are ideal when used in small-sized vapes. While regular coils generally have poor longevity compared to mesh coils, this is an ideal counterbalance as they are used with tiny vape systems that work with low wattages.


many of luckee disposable vape device use mesh coils, like LUCKEE 5K BOX 、5K MINI 、 ACE 、MESH 600 etc.