The Similarities and Differences of Mesh Coils vs. Regular Vape Coils

A coil is one such underestimated accessory in a vape kit. Without the coil, you won’t be able to turn your e-juice – in liquid form – into its useful form (vapor form). E-juice is heated up by vape coils to create vapor. The surface area of a coil is vital; the larger the surface […]

Do you know the Advantages and Disadvantages of mesh coils

mesh coil-

Advantages There’re lots of incredible reasons why you should use mesh coils. Whether you use the internet to experience the best out of e-juice in terms of flavor or cloud chasing, odds are this modern coil technology will leave you hooked. Apparently, this new technology has an upper hand in various ways that stem from […]

Mesh Coils: What Are Their Benefits?

Every few years, a new technology appears and rocks the vaping industry to its core – and recently, the biggest technology in the vaping industry has undoubtedly been the mesh vape coil. Whether you’re shopping for a new vape tank or just reading reviews of the latest vape gear, there’s no escaping the fact that […]

What are Mesh Coils? Let’s understand it together

Surface area arms race In recent years we’ve seen a race amongst vape manufacturers to maximise the surface area of coils. It started with dual coils (which incorporated two wires), and that’s a process which continues today with coils incorporating multiple strands of wire in multiple coil holes. One game changer was the original Cleito […]