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3 Wholesale Disposable Vape Pens To Try Out In 2024

As we dive deeper into 2024, wholesale disposable vape pens are getting more popular. Why? It’s because they are all about convenience, diversity, and bringing something new to the table.

Here are three wholesale disposable vape pens you need to try out this year.


The 5K Mini Wholesale Disposable Vape Pen


The 5K Mini wholesale disposable vape pen is perfect for those on the go. Its compact size fits easily in your pocket or purse, making it convenient to carry with you wherever you may be. It carries about 5000 puffs which means that you can enjoy your vaping experience for a long time without worrying about running out.

The 5K Mini also comes in a variety of exciting flavors like cool mint, snow cone ice, blue lemon ice, watermelon bubblegum, and lemon mint. The outer box of the 5K Mini wholesale disposable vape pen uses a button bottom box, while the small box inside uses a double insert box design, printed with cut lines for easy cutting.

In addition, the sleek design and lightweight body make it comfortable to hold, ensuring a smooth and effortless writing experience. What’s more? With its 15ml e-liquid and 650mAh battery capacity, you can trust that the 5K Mini wholesale disposable pen will last you all day long.


Spin Box Wholesale Disposable Vape Pen

Spin BoxThe spin box wholesale disposable vape pen comes in eight flavors namely; blue raspberry ice, watermelon ice, kiwi passion fruit guava, strawberry ice, cotton candy, triple mango, blueberry bubblegum, and cola ice. With all these amazing flavors, it is impossible to choose just one!

The packaging design of the spin box wholesale disposable vape pen is top-notch, with each color representing a mouth-watering flavor and evoking a sense of excitement. The box itself is adorned with vibrant illustrations, which showcase the amazing experience awaiting you inside.

In addition, the spin box wholesale disposable vape pen contains about 600 puffs which means that you can enjoy a satisfying vape session without the worry of refilling or recharging. Also, the sleek and compact design will fit comfortably in your hand which allows for easy and convenient use wherever you may be.


Smart 8000 Wholesale Disposable Vape Pen


The smart 8000 wholesale disposable vape pen also comes with its unique blend of flavors ranging from the blue ice razz, pineapple apple pear, watermelon ice, orange peach soda, and grape jelly flavors.

This wholesale disposable vape pen comes with a 50ml e-liquid capacity which easily exceeds the capacities of its counterparts. The larger e-liquid tank ensures that you can enjoy a prolonged vaping experience without the need for frequent refills.

With its powerful battery, the smart 8000 wholesale disposable vape pen guarantees long-lasting performance, allowing you to vape throughout the day without worrying about running out of power.


Why Choose Us For Your Wholesale Disposable Vape Pen

At LUCKEE, we are geared towards creating the ultimate vaping experience for our customers. Our wholesale disposable vape pens are carefully crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring a durable and reliable product that you can trust.

Contact us now to get wholesale disposable vape pens that’ll elevate your vaping experience!