WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

E-cigarette Technology hotspot: Dual Mesh Coil Disposable E-cigarette

With the advancement of technology and changes in consumer needs, the e-cigarette industry is also constantly innovating and developing. From the initial open-type e-cigarettes , to the later compact and portable reloadable e-cigarettes, and now to the current disposable e-cigarettes, the technology of e-cigarettes has been continuously iteratively updated, and user trends have also continued to develop.


At present, disposable e-cigarettes are favored by more and more users because of their convenience, hygiene and variety. In disposable e-cigarettes, there is a new concept and trend – Disposable Vape with dual mesh coil. So, what is a dual mesh coil disposable e-cigarette? What are its advantages and features? This article will give you a brief introduction.

Dual Mesh Coil disposable e-cigarettes use a heating element with two layers of mesh material, creating a larger surface area that allows the e-liquid to evenly contact and heat. This results in a smoother and more satisfying taste, as well as more consistent flavor throughout the life of the disposable e-cigarette.


For example, Luckee TurboSuper Luckee, FresorB8000&B9000, Binaries Cabin and Geek Bar Meloso, etc. These dual-network core disposable products have different features and specifications, but they all have one thing in common, which is to provide a more perfect use experience through dual-network cores.

Overall, the dual mesh coil is an innovative product technology for disposable e-cigarettes, which brings more choices and experience to users. It can not only meet the needs of different tastes and occasions, but also improve atomization efficiency and taste quality, reduce oil leakage and dry burning, extend service life and endurance, and be more intelligent, efficient, environmentally friendly and safe.


As users’ requirements for the quality, personality, health, and environmental protection of e-cigarettes continue to increase, the e-cigarette industry will continue to launch more new products and technologies that meet market demand and user preferences. The Dual Mesh Coil disposable e-cigarette is just one example, and there will be more innovations and breakthroughs worth looking forward to in the future.