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Vape VS Cigarette comparison: Which Is the Better Choice for You?

Since the introduction of vaping or cigarettes, the vape vs cigarettes debate has been going on since then. As both vape and cigarettes are the top two most used tobacco products in the US, many people have their perspectives regarding the two. If you are a smoking enthusiast, you might have encountered misconceptions about vape vs cigarettes online.

Vape vs Cigarettes

Next we will discuss some of the differences between Vape vs Cigarettes

Vape vs Cigarettes: Vaping Is a Lot Cooler

From the younger generation’s standpoint of vape vs cigarettes, vaping is much more relaxed than cigarettes. You have a plethora of choices with packaging customizations that attract more eyes. Whereas cigarettes, from all brands, basically look the same.

Moreover, with cigarettes, you must always have a lighter with you, making it two items in your pocket. On the other hand, vaping needs no lighters, and you only have to have the chamber pod inside your pocket.


Is Vaping Just as Harmful as Cigarettes?

The short answer is NO! Cigarettes have many toxic chemicals proven to destroy the lungs and respiratory systems within the body. Other than that, they are also a leading cause of many oral diseases. Moreover, smokers are estimated to have a 25 percent higher chance of developing lung cancer than non-smoking individuals.

Vape, on the other hand, eliminates a substantial amount of these poisonous chemicals being exposed. Even though the latter states that vape still contains some harmful chemicals, vape is still far safer when compared to cigarettes.


Vape vs Cigarette Running Costs

Vape is far cheaper than cigarettes because after the initial cost of buying a chamber pod and everything that goes along, maintaining the vape pod is more affordable than smoking cigarettes. The latter makes e-cigarettes more alluring to most people as they can get their daily dose of nicotine with less harmful toxins and less money.

Vape Helps Quit Smoking

If you are considering quitting smoking, transitioning from smoking cigarettes to vaping has been considered the initial phase of quitting smoking. When people stop smoking cigarettes and move over to vape, they find the feel of the vape similar to that of smoking.

This is considered the same phase, if not a better solution to using nicotine patches when people try to quit smoking. While not all smokers will be looking to quit smoking, going to vape is still far better in the long run.


Vape vs Cigarettes Smell

When it comes to the smells of vape vs cigarettes, vape has a subtle scent that varies from flavor to flavor. As pungency can be controlled, many vape smokers do not have to leave the room or the house to smoke.

Cigarettes have a distinct smell; many non-smokers are generally uncomfortable when someone close to them is smoking. Vape ensures minimal risk of secondhand smoke, and the added flavors make the smoke flavorful and pleasant.

Both vape vs cigarettes have health risks, but for an avid smoker who needs nicotine, vape is a safer option than smoking. But it depends on the individual, as some may not enjoy the different vape flavors. So, it is better to experiment with vape vs cigarettes and see what works best for you.