WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How often should the disposable vape heating wire be replaced?

The heating wire is the core of the atomizer. As long as electronic cigarettes are used, heating wires are involved. In addition to affecting the taste, the carbon deposition on the heating wire will also affect the health of the lungs.

1. How to judge whether the heating wire needs to be replaced?

Under normal circumstances, the use time of the DIY oil drop atomizer is determined by the power, the consistency of the e-liquid, and the frequency of smoking. Basically, the last thing that can be directly seen is the carbon deposition of cotton. It depends on how you use it. Basically, you should check it carefully in about 1 week. If the smell of paste is serious, it is recommended to replace it immediately.

2. Sweetened e-liquids are more likely to deposit carbon

Malay oil has the most serious carbon deposits. E-liquid with high sweetness, or e-liquid containing cocoa and other ingredients has the most obvious carbon deposition. There is no good way to deal with carbon deposits at present, only to change the wire, or burn the wire to remove the carbon deposits.

Usually, the single-shot oil storage is at most 2.5 circle diameters. The most used for double oil dripping is 3.0 circle diameter. Of course, there are 3.5 circle diameters. When making large circle diameters, factors such as the size of the inner warehouse and the wall are also considered. So continue to increase the circle diameter is also within the capacity.

3. How to deal with carbon deposits on the heating wire and do not want to change the wire?

First remove the wall of the atomization chamber, and then cut the cotton on one side against the edge of the coil for easy removal. Then hold the other end with tweezers and gently pull out the cotton.

After dismantling the cotton, the remaining coils are completely covered by carbon deposits and e-liquid, and the taste must be much worse in this case. At this time, you can press the fire button, turn the heating wire red, release the button, and wait for the coil to cool down. After repeated several times, the attachments on the coil can be burned first.

After heating for a few times, you can see that the coil has revealed its true colors. All that’s left is stubborn carbon buildup. An important tool for “dry cleaning” is here! It is the small flat-blade screwdriver that comes with most devices. It must be a flat-blade screwdriver, not a cross-shaped one. Use a small screwdriver to “scrape” attention from one side of the coil to the other, and don’t use too much force , it will scrape the coil, and it should not be too light, and it will have no effect on carbon deposition. After scraping a few times, the carbon deposition will fall off, and then change the position, try to scrape around the coil as much as possible.

The carbon deposits have been basically removed, and most of them fell on the bottom of the atomizer. At this time, repeat the heating several times, and drop 1 drop of e-liquid on the coil for quenching. The e-juice will wash off some of the remaining dirt. Of course, the e-juice will burn when exposed to high temperature. Don’t worry, let the e-juice burn for a while. Be sure to pay attention to safety here, be careful of fire!

Finally, dry-fire once again, burn off the e-liquid on the coil, and clean the carbon deposits on the bottom of the atomizer. Tips: Do not use paper towels, toilet paper, etc. Ordinary paper towels and toilet paper will drop paper scraps, and the more they are wiped, the more dirty they need to be wiped with nano towels, hair dryer towels, etc. Finally put on the cotton again and call it a day!