WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

E-cigarettes: A Healthier Way To Smoke

The combustion of electronic cigarettes produces steam. This vapor comes from the liquid nicotine contained in electronic cigarettes. This kind of steam is colorless, odorless, has no toxicity and harm from second-hand smoke, and is safe to smoke in public.

“Almost 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes, including arsenic, cyanide, and other carcinogens, are not found in electronic cigarettes, so it should be considered a ‘healthy alternative,'” Ismail said.

“This is a healthier way to smoke. You don’t absorb other substances found in regular cigarettes,” said Jason Cropper, managing director of e-cigarette companies.

“People don’t use any form of nicotine, but this is an alternative to using tobacco products. I think its harm is greatly reduced. I bet on my life, it is hundreds of times healthier than cigarettes using tobacco.”

“Not only are smoking cigarettes harmful to smokers, they are also proven to be harmful to people who inhale second-hand cigarettes,” said Redwan Ismail, a South African company that launched e-cigarettes this year. It will not harm the people around you, and by eliminating all carcinogens, it will greatly reduce the harm to smokers. ”

PerCropper says his e-cigarettes have been tested. “Except for nicotine, the samples we checked appeared to be free of other harmful substances,” he said. “I think this product is a life-saving product. In the end, it will be an option for nicotine replacement therapy.”

The nicotine bins used in electronic cigarettes, unlike cigarette butts, are almost completely recyclable, because they are almost completely made of plastic and non-toxic smoke, so electronic cigarettes are a very environmentally friendly product.

In the UK, e-cigarettes have gained popularity due to the introduction of a smoking ban last year. Some retailers sell around 2,000 e-cigarettes per month.