WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Does Vaping Affect My Sleep? Vaping And Sleep May Not Go Hand In Hand.

Does Vaping Affect My Sleep?

Staring up at the ceiling in the middle of the night is brutal and there can be multiple reasons for why your insomnia is taking hold and kicking in, but if you are new to vaping and are experiencing this unfortunate sleep side effect – commonly referred to as “nic-sick”, it may be because of the higher amount of nicotine you are ingesting and the side effects from that.

Stimulants & Sleep

Nicotine is a stimulant which can leave you with a little too much energy due to the fact it increases blood pressure and heart rate, leaving you more alert and is common if you have recently switched from traditional cigarettes to vaping. More than likely you are ingesting more nicotine than you did previously and because it’s a stimulant, this may be the culprit for your insomnia – it’s tantamount to drinking a cup of coffee before you go to bed.

Tips to Combat Insomnia

First, switch to a lower nicotine strength juice than what you are currently using or consider a nic free juice later in the evening if you like the before bed vape. The important thing here is to give your body a window of opportunity before you hit the sack to reduce the amount of stimulant in your body. Also, less vaping as you get closer to the end of the day would help, try to limit your nicotine intake at least 2 hrs before bed.

Vaping can also suppress your “slow wave sleep” – in other words, your deep sleep state which restores your organs and allows your tissue to regenerate and repair. If you wake up groggy and listless, chances are your body did not reach this state and is struggling to work efficiently.

Other Reasons For Insomnia

On top of reducing nicotine intake before bed, also take into consideration these other tips to help combat insomnia. Avoid device screen time before you go to bed – the blue light that is emitted from electronic device screen trick your brain into thinking its time to be awake because the melatonin in your brain that makes you sleepy has not been released – this is only released in the dark so you need to prep your brain for down time. If you like to drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages before bed or late in the evening, this can also have an effect on your sleep schedule. So can stress.

Bottom line, if you have recently switched from freebase tobacco to vaping, it’s pretty normal for a mild sleep disturbance to occur, so try to muscle through and your body will reset and adjust to your new normal within a few nights. LUCKEE has different nic levels for your convenience that range from 2% to 5% so stepping down (if that is the cause of your insomnia) is possible with our e-juice. Go to www.luckeevape.com.