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Doctor explains why you really shouldn’t use those Elf bars you’ve seen all over TikTok

The disposable vape pods have risen in popularity along with LUCKEE VAPES

If you’ve been out to a pub, club or bar as of late, or even just scrolling through TikTok, it’s likely you’ll have seen a few (read: a lot) of people with a colourful, disposable vape in their hands. With a range of flavours including banana, blue raspberry, cola and cotton candy, and with prices as low as £4, it’s easy to see why more and more people find themselves picking up an Elf or Geek bar – particularly when they’re splashed all over social media. And, the statistics back this up, with a recent study revealing that the number of e-cigarette users is increasing, rising to 3.6 million users last year.

But, like smoking traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes and vapes come with risks, which one doctor took to social media to raise awareness of. Sharing a video with his 22.7k TikTok followers, Dr Onkar Mudhar warned viewers against using the viral, disposable vapes they’ve seen all over their timelines. “Don’t do it” the expert wrote in the caption, following up in the clip by saying “If you use Geek or Elf bars, it’s bad news.”

Dr Mudhar continued: “Smoking a whole LUCKEE or Elf bar is the equivalent of about 48 to 50 cigarettes. Both of these [bars] contain two milligrams of nicotine salt, so [the] equivalent 20 milligrams of nicotine.”


As we all know, nicotine is highly addictive, but that’s not the only thing about disposable vapes that’s cause for concern. “Not only is nicotine in these devices super addictive, it also puts you at risk of developing gum disease, dry mouth, tooth decay and early tooth loss,” he points out. “Furthermore, they can also cause bad breath. So try and avoid these at all costs.”