WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

LUCKEE Successfully Debuted At the Russian Station of GLOBAL VAPEXPO

From April 29th to April 30th, 2023, “GLOBAL VAPEXPO” was successfully held in Moscow, Russia! LUCKEE VAPE was invited to participate in this e-cigarette exhibition, showing the high-quality products of the LUCKEE brand. In 2023, the three main products will be Vape Daneil’s, 8K BOX and Smart8000. In addition, a batch of customizable products, best-selling items and new products were displayed, which was an excellent opportunity for LUCKEE to showcase the quality and technology of our products. The exhibition ended successfully on the 30th. We received the high-quality evaluation of “TOP 5 in the entire exhibition”, consolidated the existing cooperative relationship, discovered potential customers, and laid the foundation for opening up new markets.


Our booth is located at No. S6 of the exhibition (BOOTH NO: S6). We showed our company’s latest products to customers, and provided customers with detailed introductions and solutions. Smart 8000 has received intense interest and extensive attention from the exhibitors. Through the careful introduction and enthusiastic attitude of our staff, the exhibitors have a deep understanding, and most of them have expressed deep cooperation intentions. “Good quality” has always been our goal in making products, and we have also demonstrated our brand’s attitude and determination with actions.

Facing the new market, we have brought some new products that are different from the traditional market, but we still have confidence in our new products. Facing the target customers, our staff is not timid. They take the initiative to greet the exhibitors, ask for business cards, send our company’s product catalog, and invite them to try our products. Take a souvenir.

This Russian exhibition is our first battle to achieve our new goals, and we attach great importance to it. In the preparatory process of more than a few months in the early stage, we have been constantly discussing with the market, developing new products and making samples. Our company is treating this market with care. On this basis, we will face more new markets and participate in the exhibition. LUCKEE will provide more professional and high-quality services to e-cigarette customers with a more mature and professional attitude, and contribute to the development of the entire e-cigarette industry.