WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vapes for Pre-Filled Cartridges (510-Thread Vape Batteries)

Are pre-filled oil and wax cartridges your thing? Let’s connect you to your other half with this assortment of affordable vape batteries compatible with 510-threaded cartridges. In the vaping world, it is either 510-threaded or not. The term “510” refers to the size and threading of the connection between the battery and atomizer. The threading is universal to ensure that vapes work with various cartridges, atomizers, and accessories. It is typical for oil cartridges and atomizers to be 510-threaded, but your vape needs to be 510-compatible too.

Note: Vaporizers are restricted from shipping to certain states, including AR, ME, NV, UT, and VT.

Types of 510-Threaded Vaporizers:

Vape Pen Batteries – One of the most popular types of 510-threaded batteries is the vape pen or pen vape battery. Rechargeable vape pens are sleek, discreet, easy-to-use, and compatible with most cartridges regardless of the width (.5 or 1 gram capacity). Pen vapes are an excellent choice for beginner vapers or those who want to keep their vaping experience low-key.

Vape Pen batteries have two different types of activation. Pen vaporizers could either have a button or a built-in auto-draw feature. Many of the pen vapes that have a button give you the ability to increase or decrease temperatures to customize your vaping experience. To use a button-style vape pen, simply press the button and inhale from the mouthpiece. In comparison, auto-draw pen vapes have a single heat setting. These vaporizer pens don’t require you to push a button, and will automatically heat the cartridge as you draw from the mouthpiece.

Box Mod Vape Batteries – The term “box mod” is derived from the shape of the device, which is more short and wide like a box rather than long and skinny. For those more concerned with battery life and temperature control, box mod vapes are a great option. Box mods give you the ability to adjust the voltage or temperature of your device, enabling you to achieve the perfect flavor and vapor production of your chosen oil or wax concentrates.

Box Mod Vape Batteries are bulkier than pen vapes but have a longer battery life, so they’re ideal for heavier users. Although perceived as being less discreet than pen vapes, almost every box mod vaporizer is still palm-sized and easy to cancel.

Oil Compatible Vape Batteries – Most 510-threaded batteries that are listed as oil compatible include an empty tank/cartridge for filling with your own oils, concentrates, and/or e-liquids. You can remove the empty tank and use this type of vape battery with any 510-threaded pre-filled cartridge.

Wax Compatible Vape Batteries – The majority of wax-compatible 510-threaded vape batteries are intended solely for use with pre-filled cartridges. Nearly every pre-filled cartridge you buy in a dispensary will be compatible with a wax-compatible 510-threaded vape. If you are unsure, it never hurts to double-check with the staff!

Dual Compatible Vape Batteries – Any 510-threaded vape battery that is listed as dual compatible will work with oils, wax concentrates, and pre-filled cartridges. This type of vaporizer typically includes an empty oil tank/cartridge that can be filled with your own oils, concentrates, and/or e-liquids. These vaporizers usually also include a compatible wax atomizer that can be used in place of the empty oil tank/cartridge for use with wax concentrates. Then, of course, you could opt to not use the included refillable oil tank or atomizer, and instead, use a 510-threaded pre-filled cartridge. If you need to change your atomizer after extended use, it’s best to purchase the same brand as the vaporizer you’re using.

Adapters for Vape Batteries:

There are some options on the market for those who like their oil and wax water-filtered. The DabCap is a popular accessory that can convert your pen vape into an E-nail vaporizer. It is a rubber accessory with a universal fit for bongs and vapes, which creates a seal on the bong’s joint. Just put your cartridge or atomizer’s mouthpiece in the DabCap, rest the cone-shaped end on top of the bongs joint, press the button of your vaporizer, and begin inhaling.

There are also vape kits that come with multiple 510-threaded tanks, atomizers, and parts for various methods of consuming your oils and concentrates. The Pulsar GiGi is a vape with a water pipe adapter, so you can use it dry on the go or with your water pipe at home. The EVRI can handle pen vaping, pod vaping, and electric straw vaping. The electric straw uses a heated atomizer tip to vape your concentrates directly from its container without loading them inside an atomizer.