WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Tips For Using Disposable Electronic Cigarette

1、 When using, be careful not to smoke too hard. If you smoke too hard, you won’t smoke. Because when the suction is too large, the smoke oil will be directly sucked into your mouth without atomization by the atomizer. So it’s more smoke to smoke gently.

2、When smoking, please pay attention to maintain moderate strength and breathe in one breath for a long time, because if you smoke for a long time, the smoke oil in the cigarette bomb can be fully atomized by the atomizer, so as to produce more smoke.

3、Pay attention to the angle of use. Keep the cigarette holder upward and the cigarette rod downward. If the cigarette holder is downward and the cigarette rod is upward during smoking, the cigarette oil will flow down into your mouth due to gravity, affecting the use experience.

4、 If you accidentally suck the cigarette oil into your mouth, please wipe the excess liquid smoke inside the cigarette holder and above the atomizer before using.

5、To keep the battery with enough power, insufficient power will also lead to the smoke not being fully atomized and sucked into the mouth.