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Pod Kits-A ideal device for people make the transition from smoking to vaping

Pod Kits are the ultra-compact and easy to use vaping device. Pod vape kits are ideal for people looking to make the transition from smoking to vaping or for existing vapers who require a slim device for use on the go. Available in either closed vape pods, such as the LUCKEE e-cigs which uses pre-filled liquid pods or as a refillable pod system like the Uwell or SMOK Pod which allows pod mod vapers to fill the pod cartridges with their desired flavoured e-liquid.

What are Pod Vapes?

There are two different types of pod vape; open systems and closed pod systems:

-Closed Pod Systems:
Closed pod systems are the kind of vape that have replaceable pod cartridges only including the likes of JUUL and RELX, and these ones aren’t refillable. They’re super convenient as you can carry a spare in your pocket but mean you get a bit less use out of them than an open system. You’re also a bit more limited when it comes to flavours.

-Disposable Vape Pens:
Another type of closed pod system are disposable vape pens, an all in one device which has a fully integrated pod (non-refillable) and internal battery. Designed to last a finite period of time, they’re a fantastic option for a transitioning smoker. Most popular disposables including Elf Bar’s 600 disposable pod device and the highest quality range of Geek bars.

-Opened Pod Systems:
The open system pod vape, on the other hand, employs a refillable pod cartridge that can be filled with any flavoured e-liquid you’d like. These are available with integrated or interchangeable coils.

What are the best e-liquids for Pod Kits?

As pod vapes are typically plus ohm devices and have a lower output, there are certain e-liquids better suited for their pods. Because of their coil type having a higher resistance and less power to heat liquid, you’re best off with vape juice that’s higher in PG. PG is more watery than VG and also vaporises more easily, it also gives more of a throat hit than VG meaning it replicates the feeling of smoking more closely. If you have an open pod kit and can choose your own liquid, typically you’ll want to stick to 50:50 or 60:40 VG to PG ratios.

Nic salts are also very compatible with pod kits. They’re typically higher in PG than VG but they also deliver higher levels of nicotine without a harsh taste or throat hit. They’re ideal for those vapers who need high nicotine levels and a quick hit after coming off a smoking habit. They’re a little more expensive than traditional freebase nicotine, but because they’re so potent you need very little to get your nicotine hit.

What are the benefits of Pod Kits?

Pod mods have coils built into the cartridge or an interchangeable coil with a plug-and-play mechanism, which means there’s a lot less tinkering involved than with a vape pen or box mod kit.

The design means they’re great for use with high-nic juice, due to their smaller battery are also better suited to higher PG liquids (look for 50:50 to 65:35). A lot of the cartridges you get with pods contain nic salts so you can get that higher impact without having to chain vape too.

Their small size and lesser cloud production means they’re perfect for stealth vaping. They fit in your hand and pocket nicely so are ideal for taking with you on the go.

They’re simple to use, with many being manual auto-draw designs so you just inhale to use. Others just have a firing button you press to drag. You don’t need to mess around with wattage settings and the closed systems in particular are very reliable as the cartridges you use for them create a consistent vaping experience.

Pods are incredibly convenient as they’re so small and because of their design you needn’t bring juice everywhere – unless you have an open system and want to refill the cartridge when you’re out.

Many pods are designed for MTL vaping but can be used for DTL as well. Their design and feel make them especially ideal for ex-smokers.