WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Luckee Vape Spin Box Square Disposable Vape Collection Everything You Need to Know

Luckee Vape recently added a new collection to its portfolio. The Spin Box square disposable vape collection flavors with a clean design. Vape lovers will appreciate the product because its variety is very obvious. Here are a few reasons to buy the Spin Box collection for your needs.



The square disposable vape box comes in eight unique fruits and flavorful puffs. Even if buy them all for one day or a week, you still won’t forget the taste. You can pick the best flavor depending on the mood, vibes, and locations. In addition, you can match the vape box with the outfit.

The flavors are watermelon ice, kiwi passion fruit guava, triple mango, blueberry bubblegum, strawberry ice, cola ice, cotton candy, and blue raspberry ice. The creative packaging box of the box represents the colors, so you are not confused.



The Spin Box has 600 puffs, which will last you a long time. You can take a long puff at the end of the office day to relax. Since the square disposable vape box is portable, you can also use it to inhale a puff after a stressful meeting. Put the vape box into your pocket, bag, or purse, You don’t have to worry about being inconvenient to carry when going out.

Luckee Vape believes in portability, so the products are easy to carry. Moreover, Spin Box is also discreet. You can engage in vaping without worrying about prying eyes. It builds confidence and provides peace of mind.

Square Disposable Vape

Appealing design

Luckee Vape spin box has a minimalist design to appear to the wider audience. Usually, when a disposable vape box has loud colors and patterns, it does not appeal to a mature audience. On the other hand, subdued colors put off the young buyers. Therefore, a balance is necessary.

The spin box has a white case with a gorgeous design. The vibrant colors match the shades. Moreover, the spin box is available in a solid color, which introduces cohesion. The on and off toggle button is placed at the bottom of the box so as not to disturb the design.


Engaging look

When you order the spin box from Luckee Vape, Luckee will be delivered to you flawlessly. The aesthetic of the square disposable vape box is very attractive. The color represents the vivid, so you know which to unpack first. The unique excites vaping lovers.

Furthermore, the box also educates the customer which is very important to the customers. It does not have any misleading information. There will be very clear signs on the box to help you solve the problems you encounter.



When you are done consuming the vape product, you can get rid of the square disposable vape box very easily. The box and the product are manufactured with earth-safe materials so as not to burden the planet. Luckee Vapes understands that vape boxes are easy to use, which the customers appreciate.

Furthermore, Luckee Vape products are inexpensive. As a result, you can try many different flavors, and they will not cost you a lot. The products are convenient, accessible, and straightforward.


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Luckee Vape is an e-cigs brand that was established in 2013. It has two workshops that produce more than five million monthly vapes. Luckee invests in research and development to improve its products every year. Its core values are quality, innovation, and service. Visit https://www.luckeevape.com/ today to learn more about the square disposable vape box.