WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What You Need to Know About Nicotine Vape

At present, there are a great variety of vapes on the market. We can broadly divide them into two categories according to their functional construction, characteristics and principles.

One is the nicotine vape, a battery-powered handheld device that is closer to the feel of a traditional cigarette, but differs in that it does not burn and produces smoke by atomizing and heating through an atomizer. One of the variable is the nicotine strength, from 0%-5%, different countries and regions have different production standards, the taste is also more diverse, from tobacco flavor to fruit flavor or even tasteless. Because of its convenience and compactness, it is gradually becoming a more popular vape on the market today, and will become a trend in the future in all regions.

The second is the cannabis/CBD Vape. this is very flexible and is available in convenient battery-powered or larger tabletop devices, which are capable of burning many substances from dried herbs to concentrates, often used for CBD, THC or other botanicals. In addition, there are many substances that can be vaporized. The substances used for vaporization are on the edge, they are just different substances that happen to react in the device.

In fact, marijuana and nicotine vape work on type, so related products will overlap, such as the classic vaping pen, which has the same function in both areas. This explains why vape pen is the most popular at the moment.

Nicotine Vape


Smart 8000

Smart 8000 has gained a lot of attention since its first appearance and has quickly gained the love of customers. Smart 8000 is not only unique in appearance and has a very unique style, but compared to the fruit flavors of LUCKEE’s past disposable vape, Smart 8000  taste is also very outstanding.

2、Pod vapes


refilled bud pro pod vape

Pod vape is also the most practical smoking device in addition to disposable. pod vape is usually made up of two parts, including the bullet and stem, the stem part is mainly the battery compartment, the bullet is replaceable or refillable pod. The relative reuse of such replaceable smoke cartridges will result in cost savings. In addition this performance will also be a little better than disposable, is the perfect choice for nicotine e-liquid.