01: Who are the people who are prohibited from e-cigarettes?

Before use, please confirm that you do not belong to the banned group of this product.
The nebulizer used with this product may contain nicotine, so it is subject to the same regulatory restrictions as tobacco and tobacco-derived products. As a general rule, we strongly recommend the following persons not to use this product.

Minors: Adolescents’ exposure to nicotine can harm the developing brain and affect learning, memory and concentration. This product is forbidden to be used by minors.

Pregnant or breastfeeding: Nicotine can cause birth defects or reproductive damage.

Patients with respiratory diseases: The vaporized aerosol produced by this product may cause or aggravate the respiratory system or other diseases.

Anyone with previous health problems: Nicotine can increase heart rate and blood pressure, and may increase the health risks of heart disease, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. Nicotine may increase the risk of stroke and/or aggravate the disease progression of people with diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Allergies: The atomized liquid is made of nicotine and food-grade ingredients, some of which may come from tobacco, fruits and other plant-based substances. People with special allergies may experience allergic reactions or discomfort after use. People who are allergic to alcohol are strictly prohibited from using it.

Non-smokers: This product is not suitable for people who have never smoked or have never used nicotine products.
Nicotine can cause dizziness, nausea, and stomach pain. If you feel any discomfort while using this product, including allergic reactions, dizziness or dizziness, chest tightness or any other adverse reactions, please stop using this product immediately.
Nicotine is a highly addictive compound that exists in tobacco plants and can cause nicotine addiction. Products containing nicotine pose varying degrees of health risks to adult users.

02: Can e-cigarettes be transported by air?

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has banned the use of this product on airplanes and prohibited the transportation of vaporization equipment in checked baggage. When traveling, please put this product in your hand luggage. During storage, it should be effectively prevented from accidental start-up, and should be kept isolated from any flammable materials.
Please note that in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, smoking or the use of electronic atomizers is prohibited in non-smoking areas such as airplanes and EMUs. If there is any violation, you will bear the corresponding legal responsibility in accordance with the law.

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