E-cigarette Technology hotspot: Dual Mesh Coil Disposable E-cigarette

With the advancement of technology and changes in consumer needs, the e-cigarette industry is also constantly innovating and developing. From the initial open-type e-cigarettes , to the later compact and portable reloadable e-cigarettes, and now to the current disposable e-cigarettes, the technology of e-cigarettes has been continuously iteratively updated, and user trends have also continued […]

Four major trends in e-cigarettes in 2024

In the past two years, e-cigarettes have gained momentum overseas. According to data released by the General Administration of Customs on December 20, China’s e-cigarette exports totaled more than 70 billion yuan in the first 11 months of 2023, and the annual export volume is expected to reach 78 billion yuan. Under the wave of […]

How Much Nicotine Is In An LUCKEE vape?

LUCKEE can be a great brand to check out when you’re first starting to vape. The LUCKEE brand has appeal for both beginner vapers and more experienced vapers, and you’ve likely seen many ex-smokers using LUCKEE to get their nicotine fix.   One of the most common questions we get here at blog about our […]

Electronic Cigarettes and Nightlife

Over the past decade, e-cigarettes have become a popular replacement for traditional tobacco cigarettes. These battery-powered devices simulate smoking by heating e-liquid containing nicotine and flavorings into inhalable vapor. As the use of e-cigarettes becomes more common in nightlife, their impact on nightlife culture is both complex and controversial. In many places, indoor use of e-cigarettes is now […]

What People Think About LUCKEE Smart 8000

The Flavors People adore Luckee Smart 8000 for its seemingly endless assortment of flavors, ranging from timeless tobacco mixes to imaginative fruit combinations. According to feedback from some buyers , Blue Razz Ice and Grape Ice are the top picks. Not only are these options free from any artificial fragrances, but they also boast a […]

The True Benefits of Disposable Vapes

If you have been smoking regular tobacco products like cigars and cigarettes for a long time, you might be concerned about their long-term effects on your health and well-being. Some people start vaping to gradually stop smoking or find a more suitable alternative to classic tobacco. Flavored disposable vapes may help you adjust to vaping well, […]

Everything You Need To Know About Pod Systems

Looking into getting a pod system? Here’s everything you need to know before you buy one. If you’re still new to the wide world of vaping, you might be confused as to what pod systems are and why they’re so popular. Pod systems have soared straight to the top of many vapers’ wish lists, and it’s not […]